2017-18 Figure Skating Costume Review: Ladies

Pair skating has been and always will be my favorite discipline. But when it comes to the fashion department, it really doesn’t get any better than ladies’ skating. Every year, it’s like watching the evening gown competition of Miss Universe. Here are my top 15 costume picks this season.

#15: Satoko Miyahara, Short Program, Memoirs of a Geisha


I can always count on Satoko for good taste in costumes. This dress perfectly fits the Japanese theme of the program and works well on her tiny frame. There’s something about ombré pink that just screams “princess”. Also, can we take a minute to admire her perfect eye shadow? #goals

#14: Ashley Wagner, Free Skate, La La Land


I’m still bummed that we only got to see this exquisite creation at ONE competition. It’s classy and feminine, but it’s not just another fluffy sequined dress for a little girl. It’s like an elegant evening gown (she clearly took heavy inspiration from the Emma Stone red carpet look). The only critique I have is that I wish the color was a bit darker.

#13: Wakaba Higuchi, Short Program, Gypsy Dance (version 1)


I love the flashiness of this dress. It just screams “big gypsy celebration” without being an overdone horror. You don’t see a lot of orange dresses in skating, but they work great with her hair and skin.

#12: Gabrielle Daleman, Short Program, Carmen (version 1)


Ah, the mandatory Carmen dress. I was expecting lots of heavy black lace and a red flower in her hair (of course). But Gabby surprised me (in a good way!) with this flirty, modern dress. With the on-trend shoulder cutouts, it looks like a real dress, not just a costume. The shade of red looks SO good with her dark hair. And when it comes to a smoky eye, there’s no one like Gabby.

#11: Evgenia Medvedeva, Free Skate, Anna Karenina (version 1)


Such an elegant, mature dress for a beautiful Russian princess! It’s a wonderful version of the black gown Keira Knightley wore in the film. Usually I’m not a fan of gloves, but they suit the theme of the program. And she wins the gold medal for best hairstyle!


#10: Alina Zagitova, Free Skate, Don Quixote


Usually when a girl takes a tutu onto the ice, I roll my eyes. But this one WORKS. The bodice decoration is simply decadent, the gloves add the perfect touch, and she looks ready to pirouette across the stage at the Bolshoi Ballet, starring in “The Nutcracker”. It also reminds me a lot of the costume from the Broadway adaptation of “Anastasia”.

#9: Mirai Nagasu, Short Program, Chopin medley


Another royal dress! If you want to be my friend, show up in a burgundy lace dress with beautiful bodice appliqué. I love the style; it reminds me of Tessa Virtue’s Moulin Rouge dress. Very rich, elegant, and lovely.

#8: Mirai Nagasu, Free Skate, Miss Saigon



Can I borrow this dress please, because it’s stunning! When you’re doing an ethnic costume, you have to be careful not to overdo it. This dress perfectly combines the look of a traditional “ao dai” with the sparkle of a skating costume. My Vietnamese side fully approves. Also it has a beautiful back.

#7: Maria Sotskova, Free Skate, Clair de Lune (version 2)


When Maria came out in this silver dress for the first time, I stared at it in awe for the entire program. Every detail is understated but elegant, and it adds up to a very regal look. And while I love flirty, sassy dresses, it’s nice to see a ladylike, traditional costume on such a pretty girl.

#6: Kaetlyn Osmond, Free Skate, Black Swan


As a skating fan for four full seasons now, I have seen more swan costumes than I care to remember. But I was really impressed by Kaetlyn’s. No oversized tutus, no feathers going every which way, just a bold, no-fuss dress. The top clearly says “swan” without being overdone. And let’s just take another look at those awesome smoky eyes!

#5: Alaine Chartrand, Free Skate, “Sunset Boulevard”

Alaine may have missed the Olympic team this year, but she wins my medal for best-dressed Canadian lady, which is quite a feat considering all the great costumes these gals brought this year. This deep blue looks radiant on her, and the style is perfect. It reminds me of Gracie Gold’s short program dress from the 2014-15 season.


#4: Dabin Choi, Free Skate, “Doctor Zhivago”

Navy blue reigns in my heart! Out of all the dresses that made it to the Olympics, this was by far my favorite. She just exudes luxury and class. I’m not sure it screams “early Soviet Russia”, but she looks beautiful, ok?

#3: Carolina Kostner, Short Program, “Ne me quitte pas”, version #1

Both this dress and the program remind me of Weaver/Poje’s “Je Suis Malade”. I can’t think of a more perfect dress for this program – it’s beautiful, it’s passionate, it’s dramatic, but it’s not distracting from her divine skating. The second version was pretty too, but I preferred the first.

#2: Wakaba Higuchi, Free Skate, “Skyfall” (both versions)

imageIt was impossible to choose between these two killer dresses, so they tie for second here. If you’re gonna play a Bond girl, you’ve got to look DANG good, and Wakaba brought her A-game. Usually I don’t like chunky rhinestones, but they’re perfect on this first dress. The deep V is daring but narrow enough to be classy, and I totally approve of those gloves! The second dress is equally gorgeous: the dynamic, bold lines lend a touch of avant-garde style. The black and silver is so striking – you can just feel the Bond theme oozing from the fabric. And once again, the Diva Gloves. When it comes to Wakaba Higuchi, she doesn’t just let the sky fall, she brings it down all on her own.

#1. So Hyun An, Free Skate, Romeo and Juliet


Who would’ve thought my favorite dress of the season would come from this little-known skater from South Korea? But it did. I spent the whole program just gaping at this thing. The bright blue was gorgeous, the minidress length worked perfectly on her, and THAT BODICE DETAIL. Goodness gracious. If every Juliet wore that kind of dress, I’d endure a hundred more R&J programs. Thank you, So Hyun An, for surprising me with this breathtaking costume to close out my fashion review.

And…that’s it! Now I turn it over to you: what were your favorite costumes of the season and why? Don’t forget to share this!

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