2017-18 figure skating costume review: Ice dance

And now we’re onto the review of the best ice dance costumes of the year! Latin season is historically a year of horrors in the costume department, but this time at least a few of the skaters made good fashion choices. Let’s look at a few of the iconic costumes of the year:


#5: Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev


At first, I thought these costumes were a little too loud, but they’re festive and suit the Latin theme. Dmitri keeps his outfit simple and black, but the deep V leaves no doubt that this is Latin, baby. Ekaterina’s dress is a splendid shade of electric blue, and the gold sides makes it look very daring and flirty. Most of all, I really appreciate the little details, like her tassel earrings and gold bracelets. These two are clearly headed for a salsa party.

#4: Alexandra Stepanova/Ivan Bukin


First of all, let’s give a big round of applause to these two for skating a Latin short dance to SIA! Like Dmitri, Ivan chose a black shirt and pants; the neckline is a bit more conservative, but the concept is the same. Alexandra’s dress is perfect; the fringe is flirty and the bodice detail is refreshing. Usually, we all cringe at white dresses that will get lost on the ice, but the bright purple accents protect us against that. The side cutouts and neckline suggest some naughtiness, but it’s not overdone, and after all, it’s Latin season.

#3: Piper Gilles/Paul Poirier


For the first minute of the program, I really adored these costumes. Piper’s dress is a bright teal, tamed by some black velvet for a sultry effect. Gorgeous, classy, and sexy without major areas of fabric missing. The only thing I’d remove is the gold stuff around her waist. And Paul’s outfit was simple and stylish – until they decided to undo the sleeves of his shirt and turn him into a peacock.


Piper’s dress also reminds me strongly of Tessa Virtue’s cat-print dress from this season. But Tessa’s dress didn’t work for me; the top felt like she was wearing a dark bra under a white t-shirt. So Piper gets the win here.


#2: Yura Min/Alexander Gamelin


This little dress caught my eye right away. You don’t see a lot of two-piece skating costumes for ladies, but Yura Min knew exactly what she was doing. The bolero top reminds me of a bullfighter and the skirt reminds me of a blooming carnation flower. Dang it, sister. Alexander’s costume is mostly black, but the mesh cuts and the touch of red at the neck keep him from fading completely into the shadow of this fiery lady.

#1: Kavita Lorenz/Joti Polizoakis


This look was my favorite, because it’s not overdone. Kavita’s dress looks expensive and classy, and the shade of coral looks great. I really admire that she went for the tiny rhinestones on the bodice; it’s not something you see often amidst all the loud, tacky Latin dresses. The overall look is tasteful, but the fringed skirt still allows for “flirt factor”. Joti, like Dmitri before him, knows the power of a deep V on a black shirt and uses it to its full potential. A great look overall. Now moving on…


#5: Penny Coomes/Nicholas Buckland


This is a program about butterflies, and you know it the minute you see this dress. The colors are splendid and vibrant, and Nicholas did right to wear a basic costume with just a few details that don’t distract from Penny’s ensemble. It also looks like Penny and Maria Sotskova must be twins:


#4: Piper Gilles/Paul Poirier


Once again, Piper and Paul impressed me with their costume choices. For their James Bond free dance, Paul ditched the goofball factor and went with a dapper suit. Usually I despise yellow skating costumes (especially those with polka dots), but Piper manages to make this yellow dress look elegant and glamorous. The deep neck gives it that sultry Bond girl vibe, the gathering looks like it came from a real evening gown, and the brooch-like decorations on the side and shoulder tie it all together nicely. The name’s Poirier. Paul Poirier.

#3: Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev


This dress caught my eye at the beginning of the season and continued to amaze me the rest of the year. It’s worlds apart from her sassy Latin dress, but I love it all the same. It has an airy, dreamy quality, but the deep reds and pinks offer an eye-catching intensity. The gathering and brooch are simply stunning. This color scheme was already used on Madison Chock’s dress from a few years back.


And Dmitri has found the perfect balance between “male partner in boring black” and “male partner wearing a Johnny Weir creation”. I’m a sucker for a handsome gentleman in a vest, and he looks great.

#2: Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje


Easy does it for these two. Andrew’s shirt has some subtle pleats but looks very natural on him. Kaitlyn’s no-frills dress is surprisingly sensual despite its simplicity; the lace at the neck and the delicate straps whisper hints of an exquisite satin negligee. Overall, a stunning, modern, and passionate look.

#1: Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte


I first noticed Anna and Luca simply because they are always so well-dressed on the ice, and this year was no exception. Anna’s dress is magnificent – it’s modest but feminine, vintage but not out of style. Once again, the cut is quite simple, but it’s very flattering and fit for a queen. Luca’s ivory shirt and suspenders give it the old-fashioned charm they’re known for, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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