2018-19 Grand Prix Final: Ladies

This year, I’ve rediscovered my love of ladies’ figure skating. This won’t be a long review, since I NEED A NAP, but here are my quick thoughts on the six ladies at the Grand Prix Final.

Rika Kihira:

I knew Rika was amazing. But I didn’t expect THIS! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful triple axel in my life. And the minute she landed it in the short, I had no doubt she was gonna land the rest of her jumps. I admit, I was surprised by the score, especially the 35 for PCS, but she’s a beautiful skater and I can’t say I object to it. In the free she pulled herself together so quickly after that first missed triple axel and threw down an amazing performance. I’m proud. Nothing more to say.

Alina Zagitova:

I’m usually very neutral to Zagitova – I don’t hate her, but I don’t watch her performances 100 times a day. But my heart broke for her here. She’s a 16-year-old girl with the weight of the world on her. She did all she could, but someone did more. And now Eteri is going to tell her she needs to work harder, eat less, and stop being a human girl with nerves and emotions. Alina did a great job, she won a silver medal, and I’m proud of her.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva:

BOW DOWN TO THE EMPRESS! The short program looked tentative and not as sharp as usual, but the free was a dream! I always knew she was a powerhouse, and this was Liza at her best. True, she doesn’t have buttery basic skating like Kostner, but she has sass and guts, and she left it all out there. I truly admire her for her determination, even when everyone counted her out.

Kaori Sakamoto:

Dear judges,

Please stop robbing Kaori on GOEs.

And PCS.

She’s so good.

That is all.

Sofia Samodurova:

This girl is fierce! At the start of the season, I had honestly never heard of her, but now I’m officially a fan. Usually when skaters do programs to Burlesque, I prepare for the worst. But Sofia makes it enjoyable; she has the sparkle for it. She came in completely under the radar this year, but she’s been throwing down rock-solid programs time after time. Honestly, if she skates like this at Nationals, she could get on the World team. Who would’ve thought?

Satoko Miyahara:

I don’t mind Satoko. She moves like a beautiful hummingbird, and her attention to detail is top-notch. But what happened to her jumps? Just a few weeks ago they looked great; now she’s getting underrotations again. In short, this was just not a great competition for her. I still think she’ll get one of the three spots for the Japanese World Team, but she needs to show the kind of smooth skating she was doing at her Grand Prix events. The new scoring system doesn’t work in her favor. On a good note? She always looks beautiful.


Favorite moment: the rink playing “Unstoppable” by Sia as Rika was waiting for her scores.

Best dressed award: Satoko’s SP costume is stunning, but my personal fave is Sofia’s SP dress! Simple, beautiful, and sassy.

Okay, I REALLY need to get that nap in.


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