2019 Four Continents Pairs Review: The Way That You Flip Your Hair Gets Me Overwhelmed

Hello, skating fans. This week, Four Continents ran wild, and I loved it. All the disciplines were amazing, but since I don’t have time to write about all four, this review is only about the pairs.

First of all, why only eight couples? Four Continents is supposed to be a huge event where all these small-fed teams show their stuff, and we got EIGHT MEASLY LITTLE PAIRS. Why does everyone treat pair skating like it’s the ugly stepsister? Guys, Aliona Savchenko didn’t skate at five Olympics just so you can disrespect pairs like this.

Anyway, let’s talk about those eight pairs, because they were amazing.

Wenjing Sui/Cong Han:

God is a woman and her name is Wenjing Sui.

Their short program exudes glory and grandeur. They look like a rich couple headed to the royal opera – can we please get a Crazy Rich Asians remake starring these two? It reminds me of their “Champagne” EX from a few years ago. The free skate is equally glorious, and despite the mistakes, I can tell this is going to be a masterpiece. They still look a little rusty (by Sui/Han standards!) because they haven’t had much time to compete with this program, but I’m confident they’ll work out any little kinks before Worlds. Her dresses are both stunning and their skating skills are still first class. And can I just say I’m in love with her hair?

Kirsten Moore-Towers/Michael Marinaro:

Well, they skated a dang good set of programs here. I really enjoyed seeing them skate so well and keep up with the pack of top contenders. The short program is lovely, although I wish her dress for the SP was burgundy to match the dramatic, beautiful tone. I was shocked to see them this close to Sui/Han, but it’s fair. I think this will be a huge confidence booster going into Worlds.

Cheng Peng/Yang Jin:

Okay, their short program is the cutest thing I’ve seen in the past 5 years and you can fight me. The fall was VERY unexpected though – I can’t remember the last time I saw her miss it, so I’ll say it was a fluke. The free skate is fine too but that short is where it’s at, y’all. Well done for them.

Ashley Cain/Timothy LeDuc:

No medal, but this was honestly not a bad competition for them. I would like the SP better if it didn’t look like such an Aljona cosplay, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I just think Ashley’s strength is to be tall and powerful, not a cutesy little flapper in pink. Really enjoyed their FS though, and it was by far the best performance from the American trio. Good luck at Worlds – we need those 2 spots next year and I think they’re our best chance at getting them.

Haven Denney/Brandon Frazier:

It wasn’t a bad event for Haven and Brandon either. Side-by-sides are still not their friends, but the rest of their skating as really improved. Their “Billie Jean” short program is a major guilty pleasure of mine this season – they look much more mature and I can see a chemistry between them that was lacking before. The free feels like another very Aljona-inspired program, but again, nothing wrong with it. Her throw landings are incredible and in general, I just like watching these two.

Tarah Kayne/Danny O’Shea:

The short program is a dream! Everything about it is just STUNNING. I like the free too but unfortunately they were all over the place with the jumps. Not the competition they were looking for, but they can regroup and try again on the Grand Prix next year. They are still one of the better American teams in my opinion.

Evelyn Walsh/Trennt Michaud:

Hot. So hot. Those unitards for the SP are A Bisexual Dilemma. And they’re one of the few teams who can skate to the Beatles and make it cool! (Trust me, I’ve seen my share of bad Beatles programs!). The FS is your standard Romeo and Juliet for a young pair, and while it’s quite nice clean, they just couldn’t get it off the ground here with the aborted lifts. Hopefully they can get it together at Worlds, because they’re a young, talented team.

Camille Ruest/Andrew Wolfe:

This team has beautiful programs and great music, but unfortunately the elements were a mess. I’m still frustrated that we only have two Worlds spots for Canada and I won’t get to see these programs again. But my favorite thing about these guys are Camille’s stunning dresses! Just gorgeous!



Favorite moment of the event: Okay, I didn’t think I loved Sui/Han this much, but WOW! It’s just so nice to see them back!

Best-Dressed: Walsh and Michaud’s bodysuits for the short program.

Skater crush of the event: Wenjing Sui all the way.

Until next time, happy skating, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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