10 Figure Skaters Who Made Me Bisexual: #Pride2019

Hello, friends! It’s June, and that means 3 things:


2. catching up on all the books I got for Christmas and still haven’t read

3. getting over my aversion to rainbows so I can properly celebrate my first Pride Month.

Last year, I didn’t celebrate Pride Month because I wasn’t out yet, even to my many LGBT friends on social media. I was wishing “happy pride!” to everyone around me, but I wasn’t comfortable enough to celebrate it myself. I came out that October to my mom and my friends, and this year, I’m ready for Pride Month.

For this post, I had two options: bore you to death with some long post about my journey to self-acceptance, or make a fun post about the beautiful ladies who woke me up to the wonderful world of women. And the whole point of Pride Month is that it’s supposed to be fun! I identify as bisexual, but I must admit I lean strongly towards women, especially female skaters. So forgive me while I gush over the belles of figure skating.

Please note: This post is NOT here to thirst over and objectify female athletes. When I have a crush on someone, it’s usually not only because they’re attractive, it’s because I admire them and would want to date them because they’re special people. (But I won’t cry if they’re a beauty too).

Ksenia Stolbova:


I became a fan of Stolbova/Klimov when I was 11 years old and never looked back. I always admired her for being strong and resilient, and of course I thought she was beautiful, but at the time I thought it was an innocent “girl crush”. It wasn’t until I saw their Carmen program in the 2017-18 season (aka Bisexuality 101) that I allowed myself to think, “dang, she’s hot” instead of “dang, her boyfriend must be so lucky.” After rewatching “I Put A Spell on You” (2015-16 short program) and “Price Tag” (2016 Art on Ice show number), there was no turning back.

Okay, don’t tell anyone…but in 2016 I left a comment on a blog post saying she was on steroids for hotness. I should’ve known right then 😂


She just has such an intense fierceness about her, but she can also be goofy and fun. And she looks a little like Trinity from the Matrix movies – a tough, cool chick who doesn’t take any nonsense.

Dream date: shopping at the most glamorous stores in Moscow and dinner at a posh hotel

Madison Chock:


I always knew Madison Chock was gorgeous, but once again, my clueless self said “girl crush”. I really was that clueless back then, don’t @ me. Somewhere during the summer of 2017, I discovered her Instagram and developed an irrational jealousy towards her poor boyfriend Evan Bates. Dead giveaway.

I think I was seriously in denial about how much I loved Chock/Bates’ sexy programs from the 2016-17 season.


What I love about Madi is that she’s so passionate and dramatic. And I think she could literally could substitute for Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman and no one would know the difference.

Dream date: lunch, manicures, and girl talk

Ekaterina Bobrova:


Is it legal to crush on married women with children? Because Ekaterina Bobrova is beautiful. She really shouldn’t have shown up in that black minidress skating to “Mercy on Me” by Christina Aguilera. Seriously, she’s a weapon of mass distruction for killing the heterosexual population.

She gives me serious old Hollywood vibes like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge! and I would love to see her as Princess Mera in Aquaman.

Dream date: okay, can she sneak me into a nightclub just once? Because she’d be a blast.

Evelyn Walsh:


A few weeks after coming out, I sat down to watch the pairs event at Skate America and what did I see but this pretty Canadian skating to the Beatles in a fabulous unitard! I took it as a sign that the universe approved of my decision 😉

Evelyn is a new skater on my radar, and I don’t know much about her, but I love her skating and she seems like she’d be a lot of fun.

Dream date: rocking out at an awesome concert!

Eunsoo Lim:


Eunsoo Lim’s name has been plastered all over the news and social media lately, but I love her for the exquisite skater and beautiful girl she is. I’ve never seen a person with such perfect skin before, and her eyes just sparkle.

While I don’t approve of Raf sending her out with a Chicago program at the age of 15, I have to admit I think she’s super cute and the flirty choreography made my heart flutter. (By the way, I am only 3 months older than Eunsoo, so please don’t think I am some creepy old cougar!).

Dream date: Could we go back in time and be flappers in the 1920s, sipping on bootleg cocktails? That’d be fun.

Marin Honda:


Continuing on the topic of girls with gorgeous skating and perfect skin, can we talk about Marin Honda? How is she so pretty? Why does she look like an imperial Japanese princess in a movie? Why is she so dang adorable?

Dream date: Two tickets to an amusement park, then some Pokémon. Except I’d probably let her win every game.

Stanislava Konstantinova:


If you know anything about me, you know I have a thing for intense brunettes in black dresses. Stasya has such gorgeous eyes; I would love to see her do a Carmen program.

Dream date: For some reason she strikes me as an artist, so maybe we could draw portraits of each other! (And before you ask, not like in Titanic 😂)

Wenjing Sui:


When she came out on the ice in that burgundy Hallelujah dress at 2017 Cup of China, I literally felt the urge to bow to the empress. She is simply majestic. What I love about Wenjing is that she can look like she’s starring in Crazy Rich Asians, then turns into this adorable sassy queen who has no problem bossing her partner around.



Dream date: I would love to take her to prom because she would wear the most gorgeous dress and she’d be fun to dance with.

Cheng Peng:


Chinese. Pair. Ladies. With. Short. Hair.

Does anyone remember when little Cheng Peng was the tiny butterfly girl? I’ve always loved her as a skater, but in just one year, she’s turned into this sassy, flirty, super cute skater, and I turned into a wide-eyed, single teenage gay. She just looks so confident and pretty. And if you haven’t seen their SP to “Ophelia”, you haven’t lived.

Dream date: for some reason I picture karaoke because I think she’d be hilarious and fun.

Elena Ilinykh:


Let’s not sugarcoat things – Elena Ilinykh is the glue that holds the lesbian and bi community together. I think I had a little crush on her even back in 2014, but of course at 11 I was CLUELESS. She’s that perfect mix of “bad girl”, diva, and sweetheart. She’s so lively and spunky, and can I just say I’m obsessed with her hair? I could totally see her as the Russian bombshell in a James Bond movie.

Dream date: Scary movies! And then I’d have an excuse to get close to her out of sheer terror 😂


Of course, there are many more gorgeous ladies in the skating world not listed here, but this was just a list of my major crushes. I hope that brightened up your day, and I’d love to hear your lists. Stay proud, stay sassy, and stay you!

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