2020 Russian Nationals: My Live Play-by-Plays of the Ladies’ Short Program

Before I joined skating Twitter and started my own blog, I used to watch skating events with a notebook in hand and write down a live commentary about each performance. I haven’t done it in quite some time, but I figured it would be fun to try it again now and share my honest live reactions to the programs. Beware of some unfiltered opinions coming up! I chose to do the ladies’ short program because I already posted a review of the pairs’ event. I had originally planned to live-tweet the event, but I wasn’t able to watch live, so consider this my very delayed thread of live tweets.

Alexandra Trusova:

She’s on today. She has lots of transitions but they aren’t graceful. I don’t like this program for her but TBH that actually wasn’t too bad. I want her to do something more aggressive next year, I could get behind her if she did something fun. She’s a very strong jumper, looked solid here. Idk about 34 for PCS, let’s see how they score the others.

Serafima Sakhanovich:

Angelina Turenko looks good by the boards. The combo wasn’t as good as Trusova’s but she got it done. She left points on the table with that dicey lutz 😦 She’s staying upright but those jumps are tight. Her spins are nice – that was enjoyable!

Anna Shcherbakova:

Good job. She has great spins, transitions, and musicality. She could afford to work on the  basic skating skills though. She’s so tiny, it’s almost scary. The sport has gone from “it’s remarkable to be 15 and win” to “it’s remarkable to be 20 and win”. OMG that huge bear behind her! 79.93 – the judges are feeling generous today, but this definitely deserves to be ahead of Trusova.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva:

Ugh that turn on the 3A, she almost had it! She doesn’t have the transitions like the Eteri girls but her skating is fun. I like her goth aesthetic in this program and the music has a good beat. 75.74 – that’s fair, she’s not totally out of contention here.

Anastasia Guliakova:

I love her red dress so much. Oh it’s Carmen! Yay, she went clean! I like how the music cuts are like “The Best of Carmen”, it’s like she took a little snippet from each of the great pieces and made it work. Her spins are really good but her Biellmann at the end had a funny knee bend. Anyhow, I’ve never watched this girl before but I like her. Poor Ted Barton is getting confused with all these programs and skaters to keep track of, LOL.

Alena Kostornaia:

Beautiful 3A! She’s so soft and elegant. That was lovely, I think she’ll be hitting at least 85 with that. OMG Ted is loving this so much, clearly he’s a Kostornaia fan! I like how she’s young but still seems mature and not like a little girl on the ice. Aww, a big panda for her! 89.86??? That’s crazy!

Valeria Shulskaia:

Game of Thrones! This is really enjoyable but going after Kostornaia, you notice the gap in skating skills. She’s so tiny and fragile but she’s beautiful to watch. Only 28 for PCS? That’s low considering what the others are getting.

Maria Talalakina:

Nice simple red dress, I like it. Yay it’s Hip Hip Chin Chin! Oh no, botched the combo. Oof she fell. She looks a lot like Adelina Sotnikova and this program also reminds me of Adelina tbh. Oh she fell in the step sequence 😦 this isn’t good. The score box didn’t even come up but I think that’s going to be a pretty low score.

Sofia Samodurova:

Go Sofia! Her jumps are tiny but she’s got star power and she’s fun. Love the dress and makeup, she looks fabulous. Oh no they must’ve called some unders, that score is pretty low 😦 2018 European champ forever tho.

Anastasia Gubanova:

Simple black dress, almost no sequins whatsoever! But omg it’s kind of hot. Holds onto the 3F. She looks good but this music doesn’t work for her; she’s too smooth and elegant, not edgy. Oh no, botched the combo. That’s going to put her towards the bottom.

Elizaveta Nugumanova:

Chicago! This black flapper costume is cute. She’s getting the jumps done. Charming choreography, she’s got personality. Great spins to finish. That was cute! Looks like a few mistakes in slo-mo.

Anastasia Gracheva:

Oh down on the combo. I love “Mercy on Me” tho, it reminds me of Bobrova/Soloviev’s short dance. I like the dress but I’m not sure about that white flap in the back. A Sotnikova-ish spin to close, that’s cool.

Kseniia Sinitsyna:

She has such soft landings. Beautiful, emotional skating – I think I have to stan now. Oof rough fall, I hope she didn’t hit her head…Great spins. Ugh, I really wanted her to skate clean, she’s beautiful to watch. There’s a level of quality in her skating I really admire. 59.72…robbed on PCS.

Ksenia Tsibinova:

Never Enough! Small jumps but she’s staying up. The dress is a bit too bright but I love the skating. Oh no, a fall. Tough day to be named Ksenia, LOL. She’s interpreting this well. Well, that was still really enjoyable.

Anna Frolova:

Pale pink princess dress, I like it but the mesh at the neck doesn’t match her skin tone. She’s so dainty-looking. This is pleasant to watch. She has nice softness and she’s graceful. I’d personally go a bit higher on the PCS.

Stanislava Konstantinova:

She’s so elegant and beautiful. One jump done, you got this! Omg she hit the combo I’m so proud. YES! Her smile makes me so happy. Give all the PCS to my beautiful wife lol. 66? They must’ve called something underrotated 😦

Evgenia Medvedeva:

Come on, boots girl, let’s do this. That’s it, that’s it! That wasn’t bad at all! This should be in the top 3 if they call everything clean. Aw she’s so cute hugging Brian, so happy. Ted thinks the 3T will be called under, but I’d still have her in third. Omg there’s so much cheering, that’s cute. Okay, into 5th, that’s not bad. It’ll be close going into the free!

Favorite dress: Guliakova

Favorite new discovery: Sinitsyna

Favorite performance: Konstantinova


This concludes my collection of hot takes from the ladies’ short program. Hope you enjoyed seeing the more informal note-taking I did during this event, and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see from me. Happy skating, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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