Belle’s Ramblings: An Introduction

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed writing a blog about figure skating and blabbing my opinions on this wonderful sport to anyone who will listen. I love sharing my passion with the world and drawing more awareness to the wonderful and underrated discipline of pair skating. However, I’ve noticed the articles that have had the greatest impact aren’t so much about twists and death spirals as they are about everyday life.

When I first started my blog, I had this lofty idea that I was going to present myself as a professional journalist and maintain an unbiased, facts-only writing style. Since then, I’ve become more comfortable talking openly about my opinions, and more recently, I started writing about my other passions. In October 2018, I wrote a blog post about coming out as bi, and last month, I wrote about my battle with mental health and how figure skating saved my life.

The latter post has inspired me to start a new segment of my blog: Belle’s Ramblings.

Shortly after posting my story, I was looking through the blog posts I had written during that period of my life. Here I was, at the end of my rope with my mental health, and I was rating skating costumes on a scale of +3 to -3 as if nothing was wrong. Only about two or three of my online friends knew I even “had some anxiety”, let alone the fact that it had consumed my life. I talked to these people every day, but I was terrified to let them know the truth.

I’m done with hiding. Belle’s Ramblings will be like journal entries about a variety of topics. My goal is to share a more personal glimpse into my life and help other people who might be struggling with similar issues. I want to discuss whatever is on my mind, whether it’s the stereotyping I experience as an Asian American girl, my complicated relationship with body image, or how Portrait of a Lady on Fire is my everything.

Of course, I will continue blogging about figure skating. With the cancellation of the World Figure Skating Championships due to the coronavirus outbreak, there won’t be much competitive skating to talk about for a while, so I’ll share these blog posts in the meantime. I hope to become a more well-rounded blogger and reach more people with my words, not just skating fans. I hope you enjoy this new aspect of my blog, and please give feedback!

Yours truly,

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